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Rick Scott Goes Straight Up George Bush On Pill Mills: Launches 'Strike Force'

These pill mill doctors may have misunderestimated Gov. Rick Scott but he's gon smoke em out. And he doesn't need no Office of Drug Control or a geeky little database to track dealers of mass destruction. He's got a "strike force," to target the unscrupulous doctors, wholesalers, drug manufacturers and pill-pumping street punks.

Sure, at first it seemed like Scott wanted pill mills to stay open. But yesterday, Scott and AG Pam Bondi announced that someone found $800,000 in unused federal grant money, which will be used to assemble an elite statewide unit made up of regional attack squads.  

"The numbers plainly show that Florida has a serious problem," Scott said. "Florida's future is threatened by crimes involving drugs and our local sheriffs and chiefs simply cannot continue to tackle this mounting issue alone."

Well they're not alone anymore. They've got $800,000 to form a team of existing employees. Who needs a prescription drug monitoring program that's already paid for with millions of dollars in private donations and has proven to be highly effective in more than 35 states?

And even though Scott refused federal money for job creating initiatives like high-speed rail and stimulus funds for education, he'll gladly let the feds fund his assault on the axis of Oxy.

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