Rick Scott Halloween Mask: The Surefire Way to Scare Children

It's Halloween, and if you don't have a costume, we've got just the thing to make children and former government workers so scared, they'll barf up their Sour Patch Kids -- the Gov. Rick Scott mask.

Not surprisingly, this one's brought to you by the anti-Scott liberals over at Pink Slip Rick, which has been known to mock the governor every now and then.

The email the Pink Slip Rick-sters sent out to supporters sets an equally scary scene, in addition to the governor's I-just-got-a-ton-of-sprinkles-on-my-ice-cream smile:

Think about it: you're sitting on your porch and you see some cute, unsuspecting children walk up, then you leap out with your Rick Scott mask on and scream: "I CUT YOUR EDUCATION AND FIRED YOUR FAVORITE TEACHER!!! HAVE SOME CANDY CORN!!!!"

That will set them straight - and force their parents to buy them new underwear, thus creating jobs.

Of course, they chose the Pulp's favorite portrait of the governor, with that lovely Weekly World News composition.

Click here for your horrifying last-minute Halloween mask.

On the other hand, don't forget about the other obvious Scott-esque costumes, like Voldemort, the lead singer of Midnight Oil, that guy from the original The Hills Have Eyes, and whatever this is.

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