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Rick Scott Has Raised $18.5 Million for Reelection Campaign

Just because you hate Rick Scott, that doesn't automatically mean he won't win reelection next year.

(And we can, at this point, agree, that most of you hate him.)

Let's break down how and why:

1. This is Florida. 2. He Has Really, Really, Ridiculously Filthy-Rich Friends. 3. But, mostly, He Has Really, Really, Ridiculously Filthy-Rich Friends.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Gov. Voldemort has raised $18.5 million for his reelection bid so far. And that number is climbing every day.

The money is coming in from special interest groups, people who generally hate Obamacare, people who are just chummy with Rick, and others who believe Obama is going to take their mansions and give them to poor people.

They range from Blue Cross Blue Shield, which has given $637,500, to H. Wayne Huizenga, who has donated $270,500, to Jacksonville Jaguars owner and owner of an awesome mustache Shahid Khan, who has given $250,000, to political committees, which Rick has so far collected $865,500 from.

With nearly 2,600 donors to date, Scott's re-election fundraising strategy is a stark contrast to his 2010 campaign, when he ran as an outsider, was shunned by the Republican Party network and financed his effort with more than $70 million of his money. This time, Scott is the recipient of money from a deep pool of political insiders, and with the election still more than a year away, he runs a lean operation, having spent about 10 cents of every dollar raised.

So, even as he continues to screw the middle class, oppress minority voters, wants to keep Florida from receiving Affordable Care Act benefits, has schools in the crapper, and is generally a pretty terrible governor that the majority of Floridians dislike, it's still very much going to be an uphill battle to get him booted

It's going to take a lot of people waiting in line for eight to 12 hours to vote him out in November 2014.

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