Rick Scott Impeachment Petition Lands on White House Web Site

Politicians have to be All-Pro when it comes to shouldering hits from the sideline about job performance and bungled expectations. But it's still got to be a little bit embarrassing when the electorate decides to trash your term in office on the White House's front steps, electronically speaking. 

That's what Rick Scott is dealing with now that some pissed Floridians have asked the White House to support punting the governor back to the special interest ooze he crawled out of in 2010.

The administration's "We the People" site is currently featuring a call to "Remove Rick Scott fro office for his atrocities against the people of Florida." The petition only has 17 votes right now -- low-ball outrage this time, but Scott is no stranger to viral calls of his job.

The whole "We the People" site has recently gone from serious initiative to internet meme-hood. It was set up so citizens could take their issues to the top level of government.

Now, it's basically become an official megaphone for whatever idea sparks in your brainpan after enough whippets. Recent petitions include "Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016," and to "Nationalize the Twinkie industry."

The joke is that petitions may actually suck up government time and energy thanks to a special loophole in the Obama Administration's fine print: any petition that gets 25,000 names within a certain time frame will land on a staffer's desk for review.

The White House has then promised to issue an official yet unspecified "response," which pretty much could be anything from a postcard saying fuck off to a POTUS phoner -- who knows. 

The deadline for the Scott petition is January 4. So we need a little hustle out of the Scott-haters if they're serious about sending a message to the Governor's office.

But the state's top man doesn't really get a lot of love online. Right now there's another impeachment petition up on change.org that has more than 5,400 thumbs up, not to mention past efforts like this and this and this and this.

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Kyle Swenson
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