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"Rick Scott Is a Liar" and Other Tea Party Opinions on SunRail

​Apparently it takes a $1.2 billion train for the Tea Party folks to figure out they don't really like Gov. Rick Scott.

"Rick Scott IS A LIAR," the South Florida Tea Party says.

"This decision has completed the governor's transformation from businessman to political insider," Republican Sen. Paula Dockery says in a statement to Politics Miami.

Has the Tea Party finally realized that the Rick Scott charade is coming to an end?

Probably not.

Matthew Falconer, Tea Party activist and author of a book titled The Socialist Republic of Florida, says Rick Scott's decision "will send shockwaves through the tea party movement and threaten to drive a wedge between Rick Scott and his conservative base."

But there are still some Tea Party people who think the SunRail decision is anybody's fault but the governor's.

"For those who oppose the project, particularly the tea party folks, you must understand that it was the failure of the grassroots to mount a significant opposition to counter the power structure that pushed so hard for SunRail," writes Tom Tillison, cofounder of the Central Florida Tea Party Council. "We get the government we deserve."

Tillison says it's not the governor; it's the "political elite and special interests" that made the governor allow the SunRail.

"And keep in mind, those that see Rick Scott as an outsider and oppose his efforts to bring about true fiscal reform cannot wait to see Scott's base support turn on him," he says. "Time to put on our 'big boy' pants and see the overall picture..."

Dockery, wearing her "big boy pants" or not, seems to understand the overall picture of SunRail:

The facts are as follows: nationwide, this is the lowest rated project for cost-effectiveness by the federal government, low ridership estimates, excessive liability is transferred from a for-profit corporation onto all Florida citizens, and it is a blank check waiting to be written by the taxpayers for any and all cost-overruns and operating subsidies.

She says Scott's decision "falls so far below what a savvy business owner would accept that it is somewhat baffling."

It looks like the Tea Partiers who put Gov. Scott in office have officially been teabagged.

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