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Rick Scott Isn't a Wingnut; He's Just Nutty

On Tuesday, Rick Scott, the guy who sent his mom to replace him in a debate, got the green light to grab Floridians by their purse strings. Scott won by a small margin over Alex Sink, who conceded before the final results were in.

Well, it seems that even thedailybeast.com has no faith in Rick Scott, naming him one of 10 "Wingnuttiest" Governors. And the Daily Beast seems very serious about the position, putting him up against Tom Tancredo, who called Miami a Third World country, and Rick Perry, who has suggested that Texas secede from the nation.

But we disagree. We wouldn't call Rick Scott a "wingnut." We call him unqualified. On the other hand, Allen West's viewpoints are radical enough to label him as a seriously "wingnutty" politician.

Here are the facts:

1. Scott set up a website detailing how he would lower property taxes. What we realized is that Scott (or at least his campaign) doesn't understand the Florida Constitution.

2. Scott ducked debates during his race againist Bill McCollum. He sent his mom instead

3. West blamed the BP oil spill on Obama and the rest of America's Democrats.

4. West has been accused of involvement with, or at least support of, a dangerous motorcycle gang.

5. West talked up Nazis and encouraged violence many times during his campaign.

But there is something to remember this Thanksgiving. Say thanks to the fact that we don't have the Governator.

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