Rick Scott Kills Florida Wildflower Bill, Because No Free Handouts for Them Either!

Looks like literally every living thing in Florida wants a handout these days! What is this? Mother Russia?

First, people want the government to help them pay for their obscenely high and burdensome medical bills. Pfft!

Then, people want the government to make it OK for businesses to keep paying them should they get sick and physically unable to perform their jobs until they're well again. Phshaw!

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And now flowers are looking for a handout?

Well not if Rick Scott has something to say about that!

Apparently, these freeloadin' librul Florida wildflowers want to not die, so a bill was brought up through the Florida Legislature to save them via their specialized Florida wildflower license plates that state residents can purchase for $15.

For more than a decade now, the proceeds from these plates have gone to those lefty pinko Florida Wildflower Foundation people, who have taken that money and given it to schools and other nature-loving groups to go and plant more of the wildflowers throughout Florida.

A new bill proposed raising the price of the plates from $15 to $25. JUST LIKE THEY DO IN COMMUNIST CHINA.

The bill won a collective 150-0 votes on both sides of the aisle in both the Senate and the House.

But hero Rick Scott was all not on my watch! and vetoed the bill:

The bill increases the annual use fee for a specialty license plate; an expense in addition to the standard fees paid when registering a motor vehicle. Although buying a specialty license plate is voluntary, Floridians wishing to demonstrate their support for our State's natural beauty would be subjected to the cost increases sought by this bill.

For this reason, I withhold my approval of House Bill 265 and do hereby veto the same.


Rick Scott


That's right, Trotsky Flower Lovers. Your days of free government handouts are at an end!

Even though the price rise for the plate would really be borne only by the person choosing to buy it, it's really the principal of the thing here.

Raising the price on a thing you put on your car that will help the environment and preserve Florida wildflowers will simply make other things more expensive. Like auto registrations and such.

The Founding Fathers fought and bled for inexpensive auto registration! Also, guns.

To want to spend your own money on something for your own car to preserve Florida's beauty is nothing short of treason!

Besides, flowers are LIVING THINGS. Which means, they can get a job and pay for their own damned preservation.

"Oh but we're flowers! We can't move! We literally have no brains and no arms or opposable thumbs!"

That's lazytalk! Get off your freeloading asses and get a job and earn your keep like real America does!


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