Rick Scott Makes Reelection Bid Official

It's no secret Rick Scott was all ready to get to work on our faces for another four years, but now it's officially official.

On Tuesday, Scott filed all his "I Wanna Be Govner of Florida Again" paperwork to the state Division of Elections, making his bid for reelection a thing now.

Scott's Let's Get to Work committee has been busy raising money for him and, in turn, he's been busy appointing Abby Dupree as his campaign treasurer and Frederick "Rick" Carroll III as his deputy campaign treasurer.

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Scott has yet to pick a lieutenant governor, though, but we should be hearing about that soon.

Rick has made it clear that he's gunning for the record books by raising $100 million for his reelection campaign -- that would be the largest amount to be raised in Florida history.

The reason for all the money is to bombard Floridians with ads and other projects to somehow try to blind them to the fact that he's been a terrible governor.

Scott's thinking, according to Politico, is that spending a lot will be enough to win him reelection.

It sort of worked for him the first time around, when he put $73 million of his own money into his 2010 primary campaign. He barely beat out Alex Sink to become Florida's 45th governor.

Now, he'll be facing seemingly tougher odds, what with him being a terrible governor and with Charlie Crist swooping in as the Democratic challenger.

In one of Scott's most recent public appearances, he was booed incessantly.

So far, Crist has raised $4 million since announcing his candidacy. And the last Quinnipiac University poll to come out showed Crist with a seven-point lead over Scott.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling found Scott down by 14 against Crist.

The Quinnipiac poll also showed Scott's approval rating at a dismal 36 percent.

But no worries, Scott supporters. The governor is still very much involved in trying to suppress voters and tilt things in his favor.

Incidentally, about 30 other candidates have filed paperwork to run for governor of Florida.

We're pretty sure at least 28 of them would make better governors than Rick Scott.

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