Rick Scott Now Doing Damage Control for American Airlines After Bankruptcy Filing

When you're the self-proclaimed "jobs governor," it's a little awkward when a major employer in your state files for bankruptcy.

Recently, Gov. Rick Scott has either touted "new" jobs coming to the state or blamed jobs losses on other people, typically President Obama.

Since no job losses have yet been reported from American Airlines' recent announcement of its filing for bankruptcy, the governor decided to put out another worthless statement, and -- believe it or not -- used the "j word."

The governor says he spoke with American Airlines Vice President Kevin Cox on the company's "difficult decision" to run out of money reorganize the structuring of the company and confirmed that it's "certainly difficult news for the Floridians who are employed by the carrier."

Kevin -- who's apparently on a first-name basis with the governor -- told Rick that the airline will continue its regularly scheduled flights out of all the same spots.

"I am relieved that the company will continue operations throughout this process, and I am optimistic that this reorganization will better position American Airlines to be a profitable company and enable them to add jobs in Florida," Scott says, making sure to work jobs in there somehow.

In a July announcement from American Airlines saying the company was replacing its aircraft with some new, shinier planes, it said it had 9,284 employees in Florida, doing $13.9 billion worth of business in the state every year.

American Airlines stated that its total job impact -- both direct and indirect -- in the state was 155,652 jobs.

The governor/businessman extraordinaire was also quoted in American Airlines' statement then, saying, "I applaud their decision to reinvest in their operations."

We're somewhat surprised we didn't see any blame from the governor on this one. The unions were just askin' for it, man.

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