Rick Scott on Pace to Spend $8 Million on TV Ads in Two Months, Releases Spanish Ad Attacking Charlie Crist

There are a good six months before Election Day, and Scott is not holding back on attacking Charlie Crist. He's also not holding back on how much money he's willing to spend doing it, nor in what language.

Scott is eyeing a full-on campaign of wooing Hispanic voters by launching a second Spanish-language ad.

This latest one, which is slated to run in parts of South Florida as well as Fort Myers, Tampa, and Orlando, goes right for the main talking point the GOP has been zeroing in on with Crist: namely, his flip-floppiness.

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This latest ad, titled "Nos Abandonó (He's Abandoned Us)," says exactly what the title implies. Crist ran off when the economy went bad in Florida.

The ad starts by saying, "The numbers don't lie." And it goes on to say how unemployment trebled and how 832,000 jobs were lost under Crist's watch in his first go-round as governor of Florida.

It also shows how the economy tanked and how the state fell into debt with Crist -- then a Republican -- in charge.

"And what's worse," the ad says in Spanish, "was that he didn't stick around to fix this disaster. He preferred to take off for Washington."

The ad finishes with: "Charlie Crist: More concerned about his own future in politics than for us."

According to the Miami Herald, Scott is on pace to throw down $8 million in two months on television ads alone.

The "Nos Abandono" campaign is part of a $500,000 television/online campaign.

The ad echoes the first attack ad on Crist released by the Republican Party of Florida back in early November.

That ad quoted Democratic stalwarts such as Al Gore, Alex Sink, and Democratic Chairman Karen Thurman expounding on Crist's flip-flopping ways.

The ad revealed what appears to be Scott's main points of attack on Crist -- job creation and personal gain -- by quoting Thurman as saying that "[Crist] has done nothing to create jobs... His only core belief is personal ambition."

Scott and Crist are set to debate in October at Broward College.

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