Rick Scott on the Ballot for "Worst Governor Ever"

Here's a new election where people may actually want to vote for Gov. Rick Scott again -- the race for the "Worst Governor Ever."

As part of an online campaign by the Transport Workers Union of America, Scott joins Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Maine Gov. Paul LePage, and Arizona's lovely Gov. Jan Brewer as candidates for the worst of the worst governor.

Around 11 p.m. yesterday, Scott was in fourth place, although the website says it's not announcing the results of the election until fall.

If you decide to vote for the Florida governor, you also have the option of sending him an email and letting him know you've done so. Here's what it says:

Dear Gov. Rick Scott,

I just voted for you in the Worst Governor Ever contest at www.worstgovernorever.com because of your blatant disregard for the well being of middle-class people in Florida and your attempts to weaken the rights and services that have made our society strong.

I am fed up with being told that we can't afford basic things like education and transportation while the wealthy get handouts. I've heard enough of the attacks on hard-working public employees who, unlike the bankers and Wall Street investors, did nothing to hurt the economy. Let's not attack the teachers but build an education system that works for everyone.

What we need are jobs, quality healthcare, good education and solid retirement. That means funding infrastructure and public programs and making sure people have a voice at work and at the ballot box.

The people of Florida will hold you accountable and we will make sure everyone understands the dire impacts of your misguided policies.

If the worst governor competition isn't your cup of tea, Pink Slip Rick is back with another anti-Scott tactic -- this time in the form of robocalls.

He's interrupted you during dinner. He's interrupted you when you're getting the kids ready for bed. He's interrupted us. Dozens of times. For months. Each time with those annoying recorded message phone calls.

It's time for us to get our revenge!

You can phone in your robocall to Pink Slip Rick, and on August 15, they'll start sending the robocalls over to the governor's office every few minutes.

If you don't like either of those ideas, you can dig up the governor's prewritten letter and mail that to us -- we're still waiting for one.

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