Rick Scott Plays Teacher at Public Schools for a Sigh-Inducing "Let's Get to Work" Day

With teachers being one of the largest collectives in the state pissed off with Gov. Rick Scott and his tradition of avoiding public schools like the plague, it seems a bit strange that the governor would play teacher for one of his "Let's Get to Work" days.

Regardless, that's what the governor's doing today at three public schools in Collier County, which included teaching high school government students about campaign finance laws -- which we're guessing included getting rich and paying for a campaign yourself -- and teaching science classes to elementary-school children.

According to the governor's office, "During his lunch break with teachers, Governor Scott listened to their concerns about the teaching profession and suggestions for improving education in Florida."

We're sure he listened real hard.

The governor's office says Scott also taught about farming in the American colonies to a middle-school history class, which sounds like -- holy s*** -- environmental anthropology.

Scott also saw over two science classes at an elementary school, one of which included playing around with owl pellets.

Of course, there's a job-creation talking point in that.

"It was great to see the students really get engaged with the hands-on activities in the science classes," he says in a statement from his office. "The only way we will increase the number of graduates in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math is by getting our students interested in science at an early age and then making sure they gain the skills needed to pursue those interests."

Probably the best story coming out of all this is from Naples Daily News reporter Ben Wolford, who says he heard the following quote that didn't manage to make it into his story:

Best Rick Scott quote that won't make the story. To middle schoolers: "I milked a goat when I was in Africa one time."
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Sounds legit.

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