Rick Scott Signs Bill Banning Paid Sick Leave

Rick Scott, in an apparent mission to blow up every possible bridge linking him to re-election in 2014, signed a bill on Friday banning paid sick leave for Floridians, because, as much as they love to talk up how they hate Big Government and Bengazziiii and TAXES BAD, the GOPers simply love this ever living shit out of their money, and the only path to more of it is by screwing poor people.

Ha. Ha. Sorry poor people! You're just not allowed to get sick. Now sack up and get back to work!

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The bill, which was backed by poor loving corporations such as Disney World, and the people that own Olive Garden and Red Lobster, blocks local governments from implementing paid sick leave legislation.

Florida's House Majority Leader, Steve Precourt (GOPz), who played a major roll in putting forth the bill, is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the GOPer group responsible for getting these kinds of laws passed throughout the U.S. because MURICA!

The group calls the no paid sick leave laws "preemption bills," because screwing the working people of America has to have a super catchy name that sounds like it's a healing balm for the soul of the nation.

And, of course, corporations and their lobbyists see the bill as necessary to cut down costs, because what kind of business are we running when people get attacked by viruses and get cancer and need to rest and want to get paid so they can keep their lights on??


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A group trying to keep the ballot referendum that would get paid-sick leave on a ballot collected 50,000 signatures in a petition.

But Disney and their Big Business pals forced commissioners to keep it off the ballot. And that's exactly what they did, in a 4-3 vote.

And then....

A three-judge circuit panel ordered it on the next ballot. Commissioners soon after voted to send it to Orange voters in the August 2014 primary contest.

But those who opposed the measure from the beginning had discussed such a delay-and-kill plan.

On the eve of the Orange County Sept. 11 vote, local GOP leader Lew Oliver texted a commissioner that the board only needed to delay the proposal long enough for the Legislature to deliver a "kill shot."

Kill shot.

Ah those GOPers. Always such wordsmiths that capture the moment so perfectly.

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