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Rick Scott Signs Bill That Extends Early Voting Days, Two Years After He Shortened Them

Remember when Rick Scott shortened early voting days, and then denied a request to extend it by a whole day back in November when reports kept coming in that people were waiting up to 8 hours in line to vote?


Because he's your early voting champion now. And he made it official by signing a bill reinstating additional days of early voting in Florida.

If only Rick Scott had been around when Rick Scott shortened early voting from two weeks to one!

If you recall, Florida was a tad late in turning in their final voting tallies when the Obama-Romney race came and went. And, as a result, the state was once again the ass of national jokes and ridicule due to voting reasons.

Of course, that could have been avoided had Scott maybe allowed that one day extension.

But, he refused.

Scott had gone on an arbitrary voter fraud crusade that basically only made it harder for people to vote, and then pushed a bill to shorten early voting days, and shut down voting on Sundays when most black churches traditionally gathered to vote together.

When asked if he took any blame for any of this back in November, Scott tried a magic trick where he blamed the state legislature for changing the time period.

Fascinatingly enough, in this magic trick, he failed to show that the 2011 HB 1355 bill was signed by.... WAIT .... FOR .... IT..... Rick Scott!


This new bill that Scott signed will extend early voting from 8 days back to 14 days. It also extends early voting hours from 8 to 12 hours a day. In addition, polling places will now include courthouses, stadiums, convention centers, senior centers, and community centers. The bill also will make voting ballots shorter and easier to read, to keep things simple and move things along so we're not all having to go out to Outdoor World to buy camping equipment so we can vote.

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