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Rick Scott Touring Palm Beach County Today

Tropical Storm Isaac might be gone and Palm Beach might be a little drier... but it's about to get creepier! But in a good way.



Gov. Rick Scott is in town, armed with FEMA, a helicopter, and a smile.

Isaac left a big heaping mess in Palm Beach County over the weekend, and now it looks like the bill for the damage could be at least $8.79 million, according to Palm Beach County emergency managers.

Wellington was hit the hardest, with Isaac dumping 16 inches of water in an onslaught of rain that lasted Sunday night through Monday afternoon. The cost there is an estimated $1 million, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Scott met with reps from the South Florida Water Management District before hitting up Air Voldemort I and taking an aerial tour to get a firsthand look at the flood damage in Palm Beach County.

Some, however, are getting impatient with the lack of expediency in getting floodwaters to go down, specifically in the Acreage, Loxahatchee, and Wellington.

"With all due respect governor, we appreciate you being here, government has continued to talk, regulators have continued to talk to put a smile on your face," said Andrew Stein of Loxahatchee.

Meanwhile, county officials and organizations are changing their services to address needs in the storm's aftermath. The Palm Beach Post has a handy guide on what's what within different communities as far as needs and services, as well as rumor control.

Federal help may also be on the way.

President Obama could declare certain places disaster areas if things turn out worse than they seem or if local officials are unable to get the water pumped out fast enough. Obama's declaration would free federal aid to individuals and local governments. Grrr, that meddling government!

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