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Rick Scott's Approval Rating Still Going Down the Toilet, Sunshine State News Poll Says

Even the GOP-friendly Sunshine State News can't pull Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating out of the crapper.

The governor has now set a new personal record for disappointing voters, posting a 27 percent approval rating, according to a poll commissioned by the paper.

That edges out the Quinnipiac University poll in May, which showed a 29 percent approval rating -- which gave him the distinction of being the least popular governor in the country.


"It's obviously horrible, and it makes perfect sense," Voter Survey Service President Jim Lee tells Sunshine State News.

But how can the governor's approval rating sink even lower in a poll from the right-leaning Sunshine State News?

This week's New Times cover story would be a good start.

Here are some other things Scott has done since his dismal poll performance in late May:

  • Went on a bogus vacation to Canada.
  • Invented a scientific study on drug use during a nationally televised interview.
  • Recommended a rain dance to end Florida's wildfires.
  • Wrote that awesome letter about himself and asked people to spread it around.
  • New Times discovered the governor's baby bro likes to mix drugs and government cash.
  • Disappeared for a weekend to hang out with the Koch brothers.
  • Approved a $1.2 billion lame-train.

Maybe we should be surprised Sunshine State News' pollsters actually found 267 Florida voters to say they approved of the governor's job performance.

Respondents to the poll who identified themselves as Republicans generally gave the thumbs-up to Scott, with 48 percent approving and 34 percent disapproving.

Democrats and Independents obviously weren't too hot on Scott. Seven percent of Democrats approved of the governor, along with 21 percent of Independents.

When the state is split into five regions, Southeast Florida has the lowest opinion of Scott. According to poll results, just 16 percent of respondents living in Southeast Florida approve of the governor's job performance, compared to 70 percent who disapprove.

Even when the pollsters split the state by media markets -- North, Central, and South Florida -- the southerners still dislike Scott the most. South Florida poll respondents gave Scott a 21 percent approval rating, compared to 66 percent who said they disapproved.

Click here for the entire results of the poll from Sunshine State News and Voter Survey Service.

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