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Rick Scott's Decision to Opt Out of Medicaid Could Cost Hospitals Billions

Rick Scott's decision to opt out of participating in the expansion of the Medicaid health insurance program in Florida could cost public hospitals billions and billions of dollars.

This according to a new study by the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (whom we're sure will get called a communist propaganda group by GOPers in our comments), which says that "hospitals could face a $53.3 billion increase in uncompensated care costs by 2019."

Basically, Governor Voldemort toed the GOPer line and said he didn't want no government takeover by accepting that dreaded Obummercare program for the state, and now hospitals are going to get royally screwed.

McCreepyPants strikes again!

Since the Affordable Care Act (Obummercare!) was signed into law in 2010, new estimates show the number of uninsured going  to a whopping 10 million.

Says the president of the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, Dr. Bruce Siegel: "Congress certainly didn't foresee this level of uninsured and uncompensated care when it enacted the [Affordable Care Act]."

Oh they saw it, Doctor. They just were so bent on getting rid of the Kenyan Socialist Muslim currently occupying the White House illegally! that they simply didn't give a shit. 

So now, here we are.

"In this light," Dr. Siegel continued, "the deep cuts to disproportionate share hospital payments over the same period are simply untenable and will prove devastating to society's most vulnerable and to the providers who care for them."

The $53 billion in unpaid care costs would coincide with a total $14.1 billion in Medicaid reductions.

"This unexpected new level of cost to hospitals and health systems dramatically amplifies the impact of the Medicaid DSH cuts," the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems says in its analysis.

Scott has publicly stated that he will reject the Medicaid expansion for Florida. 

And Mitt Romney has endorsed this idea, along with his own plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act should he be elected president. Keep that in mind when hitting the polls Tuesday.

Bottom line, Scott, Mitt, and your other Friendly Neighborhood Conservatards go only one-way when it comes to the poor:

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