Rick Scott's "Really, Really, Really Big Government," by Rachel Maddow (Video)

There may be a war brewing between MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Gov. Rick Scott's office, especially after Maddow explained the other day that the governor's office may have canceled taping of the network's prison documentary Lockup because of her anti-Scott antics.

To add to her résumé of hounding Scott, last night Maddow unveiled Rick Scott's "really, really, really big government," pointing out that the policies he's instituted in Florida are a far cry from the Tea Party guise he was elected under.

Maddow played that old CNN clip from a couple of months ago -- the one in which we pointed out at the time that the governor decided to invent a scientific study on drug use mid-interview.

Of course, she's talking about drug-testing welfare recipients, because those darned poor people just can't keep off the drugs.

Well, as everyone aside from the governor has pointed out, that's not true -- the Tampa Tribune found that 2 percent of those drug-tested for welfare failed the test, compared with 8.7 percent of the population nationwide that uses illegal drugs.

We're sure Solantic could use a few extra bucks anyway, but without further ado, here's Maddow on Scott's "really, really, really big government":

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