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Rick Scott's Signature on University Diplomas Is Now the Subject of a Petition

Apparently Gov. Rick Scott's positions on the state's higher-education system isn't impressing all of the students in Florida's public universities.

There's now a creative, albeit small, petition with signatures from Gainesville down to Broward of people who don't want the governor's signature printed on university diplomas.

Imagine that -- "The University of Florida has conferred on Joseph Schmo the degree Bachelor of Arts of Anthropology."

Signed, Rick Scott.

"We the undersigned, petition the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, from signing Florida University diplomas, because of the Governor's repeated assaults on the Florida Education System," the petition states.

The petition says it will be sent to the governor once it reaches 50 signatures -- it's currently at 44 -- and appears as if it started at the University of Florida, since the first ten signatures came out of Gainesville.

Here's the explanation of the petition from its creator:

If you have just earned your degree from a Florida University, good job! But on that otherwise pristine diploma there will be a smear of ink that reads, "Rick Scott Governor." Yes, the same governor who works constantly to remove student's rights to higher education, has had the bad taste to put his ugly signature on that beautiful degree! Do you really want him to defile the student's testaments to hard work, intelligence, and dedication?

It looks like it's not just 44 anthropology majors either.

"I'm an engineering student, but I know all too well that other disciplines are just as important," a petitioner from Tallahassee writes. "We all deserve an equal chance."

Will it happen? No, but it's the thought that counts.

Click here to head over to the petition website.

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