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Rick Scott's "Transparency:" Release All Email... From an Obscure, Unknown Account

Twitter recently suspended the account of Independent reporter Guy Adams, who had been writing tweets critical of Twitter partner NBC's coverage of the Olympics. The reason it gave? In one of the rants, he gave the corporate email address of an NBC executive. Twitter said it booted him for sharing a "personal or private" email address, even though it was clearly through a Google search.

Gov. Rick Scott has sort of the opposite problem. He's been gleefully trumpeting since May that all of his emails are broadcasted online in real time... ya know, for transparency.

Only problem, says the Herald today? The live feed was from an obscure alternate email account used mainly by Tea Partiers and fervent supporters.

Recent emails revealed by the "Sunburst" service include a few complaints about stray bears, injuries, and test messages sent by the governor's staffers. There are also a few like this:

I will be attending the RedState Gathering next week and, if possible, I would love the opportunity to interview Governor Scott while there. I am sixteen and write for RedState, Smart Girl Politics, and my personal blog, Next Generation Voters.

Thank you so much and I look forward to speaking with you soon!
There is also a rant about "job destruction going on under your nose!" that was marked as spam by the governor's email filters.

The Miami Herald reports that the emails being shown were not from Scott's main account, [email protected], but from another address: [email protected] From the story: "That email address -- which was not on any official state website -- appears on many Tea Party websites across the state, under the heading "Governor Rick Scott's email."

The governor's office apparently responded to the Herald's findings. A spokesperson says that all emails from the governor's website contact form and the main address will now show up on Sunburst -- and stresses that all email is available through public records requests. Many emails from yesterday were also forwarded from Rick Scott's other account.

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