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Ride Along 2 Being Shot on Fort Lauderdale Beach (Video)

Throughout this past week, people spending their summer on Fort Lauderdale Beach have been able to capture photos and video of the filming of Ride Along 2, the sequel to the buddy-cop comedy action flick released earlier this year.

The first film starred Kevin Hart and Ice Cube and apparently cars that crash and flip over and blow up.

And producers apparently wasted no time in green-lighting a sequel and taking to our neck of the woods to start shooting it.

That's right, Fort Lauderdale is so damned sexy, it's gonna be in a movie!

From the footage, it looks like producers were out filming a chase scene on A1A, which proves the magic of movies is real because, as we all know, a chase scene on A1A is pretty much impossible what with all the traffic jams and such.

Folks hanging out on the beach were able to take in the thrills and explosions over the past few days from a safe distance. Many took photos and videos that they then posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


There's no synopsis for Ride Along 2 just yet on IMDB, but here's the plot for the first movie:

Security guard Ben (Hart) must prove himself to his girlfriend's brother, top cop James (Ice Cube). He rides along with James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta.

High jinks then ensue, along with Kevin Hart doing Kevin Hart things and Ice Cube making mean faces.

The sequel likely won't veer far from that synopsis but will probably just have even more Kevin Hart doing Kevin Hart things and Ice Cube making even more mean faces. And, of course, a pretty dope chase scene shot on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

There's been no sighting of the stars so far. Only stuntmen, cameras, and loads of extras.

But no worries; you too might be able to catch a glimpse of movie-making. Producers expect to be filming throughout Fort Lauderdale Beach until Monday, which means this weekend might be the best time to go see cars blowing up and exploding.

The Fort Lauderdale production, manned by a 65-member crew, features a cast of about 250 extras.

Check out some of the video and photos shot by passersby below:

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