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Right-to-Lifer Randall Terry Goes Ghetto for Romney

We weren't really sure about writing about anti-abortion fanatic militant Randall Terry until we came across the photo, below, taken from his debate last December with Vermin Supreme. (Randall's the one without a boot on his head.) After that, we had no choice.

Vermin, you may not know, is running for president. Of the United States. He failed to qualify for the ballot in Florida however, so his chances are greatly diminished -- or so the savants say.

Randall has set his sights lower than Vermin's. And higher. And even lower.


"Lower," because -- after he failed to seize the Democratic Party's presidential nomination from the incumbent Obama -- Randall's on the ballot in U.S. House District 20 against ten-term Congressman Alcee Hastings. "Higher," because his true aim is to deny Obama reelection. "Even lower," because there's no legal campaign tactic he won't stoop to.

Randall's walked on the wild side for more than 20 years now, ever since his Operation Rescue gained national notoriety for blockading abortion clinics. OR's 1991 "Summer of Mercy" blitzkrieg in Kansas lasted seven weeks and involved 2,600 arrests of 1,500 protesters. Randall himself has been booked more than 40 times in the culture wars, accumulating more than a year behind bars.

Randall's run at replacing Obama at the top of the national Democratic ticket flopped, of course -- but not before he captured 22,734 votes, including an 18 percent showing in Oklahoma, where he was awarded one delegate, which the party stripped him of on a technicality

Undeterred, Randall then filed to run with no party affiliation against Alcee Hastings, in a district that's newly redrawn but where Hastings is a lock.

In a fundraising pitch, Randall described his apparently quixotic quest's point: 

   My mission is simple: to deal a devastating blow to Obama's campaign in south Florida; to run a withering, punishing series of TV ads that cause him to lose Florida...by focusing on aborted babies dying under Obama's policies, and on religious liberty...we can cause a 4% to 8% drop in Obama's vote...we can DENY Obama a victory in Florida...those two issues are exactly what Romney WILL NOT TALK ABOUT. He says he is pro-life and for "traditional marriage" which is fine, but the centerpiece of his campaign is MONEY, not human life and religious liberty.

So, it falls to me...because I am a federal candidate for Congress, I can run TV ads uncensored. I can say - boldly, and without fear - "Obama is a child killer, and no Christian can vote for him with a clean conscience." I can say: "For the love of God, for the love of life and liberty, do not vote for Obama." And the TV stations are required by law to run my ads!!!

Randall raised enough cash to run scads of gross-out television commercials -- replete with dead fetuses -- across South Florida (and for good measure, in seven other battleground states). They've gotten a fair amount of attention, but how many votes they've won for Romney is anyone's guess. 

Randall hopes to sway the many African-American voters in Hastings' district, relying on their supposedly strong Christian, "traditional values" orientation. But we don't think he's going to win many black hearts and minds for Mitt with his latest, below, and the resulting pissing match with Samuel L. Jackson

On the other hand, we don't see how Randall himself can lose. For him and the GOP's other outrage pimps -- Palin, Trump, Ann Coulter, Allen West -- controversy only feeds the fire. For Randall Terry (and this is why we were reluctant to do this piece), every headline is a victory. 

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