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Right(wing)ing The Wrongs

Media Matters tells the tale of the fall-out of the Sun-Sentinel correction on the Murtha matter. (Thanks to Flablog for pointing the way).

Hell, Fox News was actually accountable. Nice to see.

Hate-spewer Neal Boortz (who once went off on me on his sickeningly popular radio show) didn't retract a thing after throwing down on "Moonbat Murtha." How surprising.

Neither did "Republican strategist" Jack Burkman. Let's see, Republican strategist ... right now, that's up there on the occupational ladder with "crack whore" and "Nazi propagandist." Look, I consider myself conservative on some issues and I admire some Republicans greatly (Ike, for one). Some of the best civic-minded folks in Broward County are Republicans. But the national party is in the gutter now, swimming around with the phlegm and blo0d of the worst kind of crooks and demagogues this great country has ever had to offer. And Burkman is as bloody and phlegmy as it gets. He actually accused Murtha of "disparaging the soldiers." An aside: I have never seen a man whose mannerisms and speech sounds so much like the sleazy sociopath brilliantly played by Will Patton in the movie No Way Out. To jog your memory, Patton was the sychophant to Gene Hackman's character. (If you haven't seen the movie, it's definitely worth a damn).

Okay, what say you Babalu?

UPDATE: A kind reader sent me this post from Wonkette on Burkman. You know, it's not like the real lunatics (I'm looking at you James Woolsey) are hard to spot, especially when they're exhibiting their weirdness and lies on TV for all to see.

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