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RIP, Leslie Nielsen

Some of the best moments from one of Fort Lauderdale's finest.  

-- Stephanie Kraft's path: Lawyer. PTA mom. School Board member. Tool for special interests. Corrupt tool for special interests. Scandalous politician. Criminally charged politician. Jailbird for a day. Suspended School Board member. Blogger.

Sounds about right. Yes, Stephanie Kraft has started a blog called "Stephanie Speaks Out." And it's increasingly clear that she's completely obsessed with replacing School Board General Counsel Ed Marko. Like totally batshit obsessed. It's all she writes about, down to the dullest detail. Makes me almost want to support Marko. Almost, but no cigar. Marko is knee-deep in the shit and needs to go.

-- Chad Henne is resurrected! After a horrible, horrible season, he finally played well against Oakland and might just be an NFL quarterback after all.

That's the story line coming from the Sun-Sentinel.

And it's

Grade A horseshit.

Henne played at Oakland the same way he played against the Jets, Green Bay, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee. He got the ball up and down the field, ran a decent offense, made some nice passes, and made a bad mistake or two.

We all got a chance to see a truly horrendous quarterback play when Thigpen started against Chicago. The ball did not move. Henne moves the offense. He's a competent quarterback who occasionally plays a bad game (this season, New England and Baltimore, but there were mistakes to go around the whole team in both of those games). He's not going to carry a bad team to the Super Bowl, and he's not going to stop a great team from winning. 

I call him Ironhead Henne. This season's misery has never really been about him. Special teams early on were the bane. The play-calling has been suspect. The team's overall play has been lackluster at times, and this is a team that won't win when it's firing on three cylinders. I didn't disagree with the benching in favor of Pennington because Henne needed a wake-up call and Pennington might have strung a few good games together. But the bottom line is the Dolphins have bigger problems than Chad Henne.

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