Riviera Beach Detective Describes Life Under Sgt. Pat Galligan

By the time he sat down for an interview with the FBI in September 2009, Detective Joseph Passaro had worked for the Riviera Beach Police Department for seven years. His current post was in the detective bureau, investigating the worst crimes in this town where nearly a quarter of the 36,000 residents live in poverty.

Passaro was subpoenaed to speak to the feds about an alleged overtime scam involving his supervisor, Sgt. Pat Galligan. The sergeant has never been charged with a crime, but Passaro described him as a very hands-off boss.

Echoing the complaints of other officers, Passaro said that on most of his assignments, Galligan would not show up at the crime scene. Yet Galligan would still submit "numerous" overtime slips for cases in which he didn't do any legwork. 

"During most call outs, he [Passaro] simply reaches out to Galligan to provide him with updates," an FBI agent wrote in a summary of Passaro's interview. "There could be multiple short calls during an OT shift. For specific advice on how to work a [crime] scene, [Passaro] would contact Lt. Payne, and not Galligan. He stated that he has seen numerous OT slips submitted by Galligan for hours when Galligan was not on scene."

Passaro also alleged that Galligan would use news releases to make it look as if he had been involved in cracking a case. Galligan would ask Passaro to type up a release and read it to him over the phone. The sergeant wanted to be sure he was listed as author of the release before it was sent to the police spokesperson, Rose Ann Brown. Passaro "felt that this was a way for Galligan to show that he worked the case for OT purposes," the FBI agent wrote.

And finally, Passaro offered some insight into the relationship between Galligan and Det. Lee Ann Schneider, who would later be charged with 152 counts of forgery and official misconduct for signing Galligan's name to official documents.

Passaro "has been present when Detective Schneider has filled out OT slips for Galligan," the FBI agent wrote. "Schneider regularly sits at Galligan's desk and computer. Galligan and Schneider are very close."

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