Riviera Beach Revolution

Hey, Frankelstein may have pulled it off (despite the Post's endorsement of her opponent, Al Zucaro), but it was a bad day for incumbents yesterday. Two were knocked loose from Cooper City after it was found out that they enjoyed a glass of wine or two before commission meetings and Susan Foster was booted from Pompano Beach, mainly because she was perceived as having been wined and dined by a bunch of developers.

In Riviera Beach, everybody went down. Mayor Michael Brown was ousted by Thomas A. Masters (a pastor) and commissioners Liz Wade and Vanessa Lee were sent packing as well. Not to mention commission chair Ann Isles. Y0u could feel the tide turning when a jury found that the city violated the First Amendment rights of activist Fane Lozman, who should be reveling after this election. A corrupt out-of-control government has been brought to heel.

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