Road to Super Bowl Goes Thru Lauderdale?

Road to Super Bowl Goes Thru Lauderdale?

See you in Fort Lauderdale, hot stuff.

I've been seeing an awfully lot of Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals paraphernalia in the Fort Lauderdale area. Two possible explanations:

  1. The locals are jumping on the bandwagon now that these teams are Super Bowl-bound.
  2. Steelers and Cardinals fans are flocking to South Florida because they're going to the game.

Wait, No. 2 doesn't make sense. The game's in Tampa Bay.

Well, either the Pittsburgh and Arizona faithful are really bad at geography, or they've figured out that it's cheaper to fly into Fort Lauderdale, rent a car then drive across the state for the big game, like this lady planned to do.

I checked and sure enough, tickets from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale are about $50 cheaper than tickets to Tampa. If you're going with three or more people, it's a better deal to fly here and rent a car. It's an even better deal for Arizonans, for whom a ticket to Fort Lauderdale is $165 cheaper. Plus, one would hope those fans would rather spend their pre-game partying bucks in our cities than Tampa.

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