Rob Konrad, Ex-Miami Dolphin, Falls Off Boat, Swims Nine Miles to Shore

Rob Konrad, a popular former fullback for the Miami Dolphins, reportedly fell off a boat during a fishing excursion, then managed to swim nine miles to shore off the coast of Palm Beach.

According to the Coast Guard, Konrad was out on the waters alone on Wednesday, fishing for about nine hours. Reports say the boat was on autopilot.

When Konrad fell into the ocean, the boat steered away from him, leaving him abandoned in the middle of the ocean.

He then swam back to shore. One report says it took him nine hours to do so.

The Coast Guard says Konrad had left from Boca Raton on Wednesday for his fishing outing on a 36-foot vessel. But friends became concerned after several hours of not hearing from him.

A Coast Guard helicopter was then dispatched to search for Konrad and the vessel. Later, Konrad would say he saw the chopper while he was swimming, saying the search light passed right by him.

It's not known how Konrad fell off his boat, but the Coast Guard says the vessel kept drifting from him and was last seen headed toward the Bahamas. The boat has not been recovered.

But Konrad, who obviously remained in good shape, swam his way back to the Palm Beach County shoreline, eventually getting there around 4:30 a.m. Thursday. He then walked over to an oceanfront mansion reportedly owned by the late Palm Beach attorney Robert Montgomery and called the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office.

The PBSO arrived a short time after and took him to a local hospital.

According to WPBF, Konrad was found wearing nothing but his underwear. He was immediately treated for hypothermia.

Konrad, 38, who now lives in Boynton Beach, played fullback for the Dolphins from 1999-2004. He rushed for 114 yards and one touchdown and caught 111 passes for 854 yards and six touchdowns. He also had a brief stint with the Raiders in 2005 before retiring.

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