Rob Lopicola Child Sex Arrest: The Creepiest Text Messages You've Ever Seen

Former WPTV weatherman (and, uh, New Times' 2002 best weathercaster) Robert Lopicola was arrested Monday on charges he gave fellatio to two teen boys who responded to ads he had posted on Craigslist.

Police say the alleged sexual relationships started via text message -- and they included some of those sent to Lopicola's 15-year-old victim. Here are some of the lowlights, but be warned: Those without a morbid curiosity need not click through.

Jan. 9, 2011:
8:29 a.m.: I realy like u! we have a big age difference, im a lot older, cud b yor dad. U sure u want an older boyfriend and a bigger muscular guy too?

8:39 a.m.: so whats the oldest daddy u wud date?

8:47 a.m.: I wud wana be like yor dad but yor lover

8:51 a.m.: do u want a dad bf? For real

8:53 a.m.: I like being a dad to by bd thats why I like young. And 15 is perfect baby. 10th or 9th grade?

9:09 a.m.: wana be dad and son lovers?

10:12 a.m.: Wud u realy call me dad? And if we went to Miami we tel people yor my boy, my son?

12:22 p.m. I watch dad son and bareback porn and extreme age difference sex

12:35 p.m.: u think its hot havn a 40 y0 boyfriend? :)

12:36 p.m.: Am I older than yor mom and dad?

12:41 p.m.: U text me minimum 3x a day and u must text me wenever u masturbate ok

3:10 p.m.: I want u to bareback me and squirt yor boy seed inside me

4:03 p.m.: Whats the youngest u wud have sex with? Yungust u wud watch a porn of?

4:34 p.m.: I only sleep with 18yo+ so don't worry

4:35 p.m.: only u otherwise only 18 and over

8:48 p.m.: no just livd close my 14 yo bf was with me a lot

8:53 p.m.: Almost 2 years met wen he was 13 until 15 then went back to girls

8:59 p.m.: Wud u let any of my 40 yo friends fuck u with me?

9:01 p.m.: yes and I have hot older friends. I may want my 42yo friend to fuck u sumtimes baby

9:14 p.m.: Can I get a hot 55yo to fuk u baby?

9:16 p.m. 14 to 16 is perfect

9:17 p.m.: will u let a grandpa type old guy fuck u once for me baby

9:21 p.m.: I want one time an old man to fuck u ok like 55 to 60 yo just once ok

9:22 p.m.: its hot for me and I just wana watch a grandpa fuck my boy just once. Il b kissing and loving u dont worry

9:28 p.m.: ever have sex with a family member? Incest?

9:29 p.m.: Wud u ever let yor real dad fuck u if he wanted to?

9:31 p.m.: K. Wud u be obsessed and kinda addicted to me? and obey me?

Jan. 10:
1:49 p.m.: can u lose 10 to 15 lbs?

[Note: Investigators say Lopicola was aware the boy had recently been in treatment for anorexia.]

2:03 p.m.: cud u b 113 again?

2:11 p.m.: how skinny can u get

It appears his victim stopped responding around this time. Three months later, a mother allegedly discovered Lopicola hiding in her shower; police say he was there to meet her 17-year-old son. He faces charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, child pornography, lewd or lascivious battery, and child exploitation.

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