Robbers Reveal Their Identities by Accidentally Pocket-Dialing Victim

Two women, Ashlie Alewine, 22, and Nakilya Latisha Wright, 18, nearly pulled off the heist of the century when they robbed the InnPlace Hotel on Fifth Avenue South in Naples. 

They took money from the register. 

And they made a clean getaway. 

That is, until one of them accidentally ass-dialed the very hotel they had just robbed and had a long, detailed conversation about the robbery they had just committed. 

Also, one of them was apparently an employee at the InnPlace who had been fired two days prior. 

Other than that, it was a fool-proof plan!

According to police, the hotel's front desk clerk told cops that a woman wearing a gray sweatshirt, sunglasses, a black bandanna over her mouth, and gray sweatpants walked into the lobby. The perp approached the clerk and put her hands inside the front pockets of her sweater, making it appear as if she had a weapon.

She then demanded the clerk hand over the money from the register and made her lie down on the floor before taking off with the cash.

Once she was safe, the clerk called the Naples Police Department. In the middle of reporting the incident, the hotel's front desk phone rang.

The clerk answered the phone, then heard a conversation going on in the background. She then told police that it was the voice of the person who had just robbed the hotel, talking about the robbery with someone else, not being aware that she had just pocket-dailed the place.

The suspect described the robbery in detail, telling the other person how exactly everything went down, step-by-step.

The hotel's call log, along with surveillance video, would be all police would need.

According to police, phone records showed that the ass-dailer was Shelby Alewine and, according to the hotel clerk, the voice of the second person in the conversation belonged to
Ashlie Alewine, a former employee who was fired from the hotel two days before.

Both were arrested and taken to the Collier County Jail, charged with robbery and petty theft.

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