Robert Levinson's Family Issues a Statement On the Fourth Anniversary of His Disappearance

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Robert Levinson's disappearance. A retired FBI agent living in Coral Springs, Levinson went missing in March 2007 during a trip to Kish Island, in Iran. Last week the U.S. State Department recently announced that Levinson is alive, and authorities believe he is being held somewhere in Southwest Asia.

Yesterday afternoon, Levinson's wife, Christine, issued a statement to the media. She addressed the anniversary, the family's optimism with recent news, and some new additions to the family since Bob's disappearance.

"March 9th, marks four years since my dear husband, Bob Levinson, went missing," the statement begins.

It goes on:

We are encouraged at news that he is alive. Our family is eagerly waiting for the day we will be reunited. Since Bob's disappearance we have an addition to our large and growing family, baby Grace, Bob's second grandchild. Also, our daughter Sarah was married in September 2010. Bob's absence weighs on us every day and is magnified during these once-in-a-lifetime family moments. Our family asks for your continued prayers and support. They mean more to us than words can say. If you have information please contact us at www.helpboblevinson.com.

Since the family is understandably not giving interviews, this is all we know about what must be the immense pain they have struggled with for the last four years.

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