Roger Stone Interview Teaser

So I had an interview today with Roger Stone -- the famed Republican dirty trickster and political consultant who had an office in Scott Rothstein's law firm and teamed up with him on certain political projects -- and I'll have a full post up tomorrow about it. But first some highlights:

-- He said he met Scott Rothstein at a dinner in 2006 with Charlie Crist during which Crist told him he wanted to get a fundraiser with Donald Trump. Stone, who has long been an associate of Trump's, got Crist the fundraiser.

-- Stone said he is convinced that Rothstein made illegal contributions to the Scott Israel campaign.

-- He said he became suspicious of Scott Rothstein last year and hired a private investigator named Adam Mangino to investigate. He said Mangino couldn't decipher where the money was coming from, but knew it wasn't Rothstein's.

--  Rothstein stopped sponsoring his blog, The Stone Zone, on July 29 when he became angry with a negative post Stone put up about Charlie Crist and George LeMieux.

-- Stone met Rothstein through Stuart Rosenfeldt, whom he worked with on Ronald Reagan's 1976 presidential bid.

-- He said that Rothstein told him about his "Jewish Avenger" conversation with me and that he told him he didn't think it was a good idea to pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

-- He said that Rothstein always carries a gun with him in an ankle holster.   

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