Roger Stone Wonders If Political Work Led To Mass Death

Famed Republican dirty trickster and Scott Rothstein partner Roger Stone told the Daily Beast that he has regrets for organizing a mob of GOP staffers to stage a coup at the Miami-Dade elections office in 2000 to stop the Bush-Gore vote recount. Said Stone:

There have been many times I've regretted it. When I look at those double-page New York Times spreads of all the individual pictures of people who have been killed [in Iraq], I got to think, 'Maybe there wouldn't have been a war if I hadn't gone to Miami-Dade. Maybe there hadn't have been, in my view, an unjustified war if Bush hadn't become president.' It's very disturbing to me.

Ah, the kinder gentler Roger Stone, a Lee Atwater routine sans deathbed. But I think it's too late for Stone, who is based in Rothstein's Las Olas law office, to get out from from under George W. Bush's hated shadow. He'll be listed as a co-conspirator in the history books. And I think he owes us more admissions. Has he apologized for Watergate yet?

(Thanks to commenter below for heads-up).

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