Ronald French, Convicted Ponzi Scammer, Had Hilarious Italian Movie Career (VIDEO)

Ronald French was apparently a Renaissance man of the highest form.

After graduating from FAU several years ago he bounced across the ocean and became not only a high-flying model, but also a hilariously boring and good looking actor in Italian made-for-TV movies, the most famous of which was Matrimonio alle Bahamas -- Wedding in the Bahamas.

Oh yeah, and French is also a convicted Ponzi scam artist because he conned family members out of their life savings, pocketed $10 million, and bought a house in Rome, luring in an Italian actress girlfriend. Yesterday, a federal judge in West Palm Beach sentenced him to 10 years in prison, calling him a "junior Bernie Madoff."

Ronald French: beautiful on the inside AND on the outside.

French convinced more than 50 investors -- most of whom were family members -- they could get high returns on investing in foreign currencies, emeralds, and an Italian alternative-energy project, the Sentinel reported.

French, who admitted he's had trouble with lying since he was very young, also apparently has lots of trouble acting. But, boy, can this man smile. Which was the only thing required of him in Matrimonio alle Bahamas, broadcast on channel 5. Our man French steers a convertible in the beginning, beds a beauty in the middle, and then smiles in a tuxedo at the end.

And the Italian press was atwitter: "Anyone who has seen the movie "Matrimonio alle Bahamas" will not have been able to help but notice the actor who plays the role of Bob Di Giacomo, the American boy who wins the heart of Valentina," gasped one blogger.

Believe us, we noticed this dashing rogue.

Here he is again, with what appears to be a University of Miami International poster in the background.

But there was more to French's portfolio than bad Italian TV comedies (though not much more). He also acted here:

And here:

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