Ronald Vinci's Girlfriend Arrested in His "Suspicious" Fort Lauderdale Duct-Tape Death

Police have arrested the girlfriend of 70-year-old Ronald Vinci in connection with his death last week.

Vinci's death, as you may remember, was considered "a suspicious death" by police after his body was found wrapped in duct tape in his Fort Lauderdale mansion last week.

Fort Lauderdale police Det. Travis Mandell says Vinci's live-in girlfriend, 54-year-old Catherine Pileggi, has been charged with first-degree murder in Vinci's death.

The cops are still mum on the details of the murder but say detectives learned that while Vinci was attempting to end his relationship with Pileggi, it ended in a "fatally violent confrontation" between the two.

Vinci, who earned his millions as owner of several San Diego, California-area Honda dealerships, had just moved into the 7,000-square-foot house at 101 SW Coconut Drive a few weeks ago.

Police discovered Vinci's corpse after someone found it and called 911, although police still haven't said who that is.

In addition to the duct tape reported to be binding Vinci when his body was discovered, the cops say Vinci was wrapped in bedding and plastic bags.

Police say crime-scene technicians found several items linking Pileggi to the homicide late last week, and she was placed under arrest yesterday afternoon.

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