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Roosevelt Mondesir Douses Son's Mother in Gasoline, Sets Her Afire at 7-Eleven, Police Say (Updated Thrice)

Update 3, 6/12: Mondesir is now in jail; the victim is still in the hospital, and the couple's child is with a family member, per BBPD.

Update 2, 11:40 a.m.: Added details of the crime to the bottom of the post, including details that were incorrectly reported by police earlier in the day.

Update, 9:01 a.m.: Added info about locations of those involved.

Original post, 7:48 a.m.:
Police haven't released much yet, but something bad happened in Boynton Beach this morning. According to police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater, police arrived at a 7-Eleven on the 7000-block of Lawrence Road and found a 40-year-old woman on fire. The officers put her out and "rendered first aid"; she's currently being treated at Delray Trauma center.

Police used a dog and a helicopter to find the suspect, 59-year-old Roosevelt Monesir, whose name may have been misspelled in the release. He reportedly fled on foot but was arrested. He is being treated for burns of his own at Bethesda Memorial Hospital, though charges aren't yet in online court filings.

Update, 11:40:
Fifty-two-year-old Roosevelt Mondesir was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder this morning after police say he arrived at a meeting with his son's mother armed with a machete, gas can, and ignitor.

The victim says she was waiting in her Mercedes Benz to meet Mondesir about 3 a.m. Monday so she could get her son from Mondesir as part of a custodial "timesharing exchange," according to police, but when Mondesir showed up, he didn't have the 4-year-old. Instead, he had a "long (possibly machete) knife," and a gas can, which he allegedly used to throw gasoline on her and her car, then light her on fire.

The victim took off her shirt and, when she realized Mondesir was chasing her with the knife, ran into the 7-Eleven at 7088 Lawrence Road.

Mondesir was reportedly found hiding in a bush near the store three hours later. No word on what the deal is with the child.

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