Rose: "I Love All Black Women"

Joe Rose had Palm Beach Post reporter Chris Perkins on his AM-790 radio show this morning and opened the interview with the Imus situation, the Rutgers basketball team, and acknowledging that he, Rose, had to be careful what he said.

"The posse's right on your heels," said Perkins in jest.

"I just want to say I love white women and all black women," said Rose in joking fashion.

At the end of the interview Rose and Perkins sort of started talking in code. It seems that Rose was on the air with Perkins, who is black, when he made the "redbones" and "chocolates" remarks. And he just now told Perkins that he wasn't going to talk about the stuff they used to talk about anymore.

"I heard you got a scare," Perkins said.

Rose replied that a scare can be a good thing and that he had gone through "rehab."

"This is the new Joe Rose," he said. "I'm loving everybody. I love the Rutgers girls myself, the white girls, the black girls."

All right, Joe. You can thank the Pulp later.

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