Rose On The Carpet

Joe Rose has been called into the principal's office at NBC-6 to explain what he said on the air last week about the desirability of black women, whom he distinguished as "redbones" and "chocolates."

He is meeting today with station executives about the comments he made last Wednesday on his radio show on 790-AM The Ticket, according to Broward Times reporter Elgin Jones, who is dogging this case. Jones just now interviewed Larry McDaniel, NBC-6 vice president of programming, who told him that the station is looking into the matter and that Rose was coming into the office to explain what he meant when he said on the air that he prefers "redbones," or light-skinned black women, to "chocolates" and that he understood most black men feel the same way. I left a message with McDaniel to confirm it, but haven't heard back from him.

While NBC-6 is looking into the matter, The Ticket is hiding under the bleachers on the story. It hasn't returned numerous phone calls and e-mails from Jones asking for comment, which has the reporter feeling a bit blistered. "When Tim Hardaway made his comments [about hating gay people] on their station, they blasted it everywhere," he said. "But in this case they won't even return a phone call."

Rumors are still rumbling that some of Rose's coworkers are upset about the comments. His boss, says Jones, happens to be a black woman. So he really stepped in it.

But should the former tight end be canned by NBC and/or the Miami Dolphins for being so idiotic? No. That would be wrong. For one thing, his audience -- other than attorney Jack Thompson -- apparently wasn't offended by it (Rose must not be real big in the black women demographic). But he should definitely be made to apologize publicly for being such an insensitive bonehead.

After the jump: Korda Smoka The Ropa

Funniest comment under the Sun-Sentinel story regarding Judge Korda's marijuana arrest:

"What if he smoked a marijhuana joint and decided to shoot 100, or perhaps even 1000 people. It can happen during one of those pot trips. When will we wise up and institute the death penalty?"

A lot of people actually took the commenter, one "dcvb," seriously, including this guy, who wrote:

"This has to be the most ignorant message ive ever seen. You sir are a complete MORON! Your level of intelligence is seen in your words. Get a education on what your saying then speak! Only a fool who opens his mouth and speaks foolishly is found out to be the fool! MORON!!!!!!!!!!"

Then dcvb responded: "Okay, what if he killed 1,000,000 people after getting high? Then what?"

Damn I love that kind of humor. Another guy who took umbrage to the joker (a fellow calling himself, aptly, "no brainer") wrote: "what planet are you from.your clueless as to to the efect pot has on the mind,,show me when anyone under the infulunce of pot only doing any act of volince.pure b.s. the real reason its not legal,is all old politions have vested interest in wheat,barley and tobacco,it would cut to deep in thier profit."

Look, I'm all for legalizing pot. I'd like to see it on a referendum. But dudes like "no brainer" show you that too much of the dope will make it true to its name.

Second funniest comment (for the malaprop): "my same exact sediments, you could not of said it better, thank you."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.