Rothstein Sentenced to XX Years; Bova Prime Closes Ignominiously

I know that looks like a prematurely published headline, but it's just in anticipation of tomorrow's news. I'll be there to faithfully report on the proceedings, and we should have some good coverage overall. As soon as we get the sentence, those x's above will be filled in with the real numbers.

I'm sticking with the 40 years recommended by the prosecutors.

Rothstein's main hangout, Bova Prime, almost stayed open all the way to the sentencing but finally closed its doors last week. And it looks like the restaurant is going down almost as dirty as Rothstein himself.

A notice was placed on the restaurant's locked front door yesterday (Tuesday) from the landlord claiming that Bova owes $31,538.44 in

A $31,000 reminder stuck to Bova's door

​back rent. The landlord, Zucca LLC, wanted the money within three business days, which gives the defunct restaurant until Friday to pay up. Don't think that's going to happen.

A former employee tells me that owner Tony Bova, who generally was respected by his restaurant staff, outraged staff by keeping the closing a secret until the morning he abruptly locked the doors.

He left all his employees high and dry, said the source, forced to try to track him down for their back pay. On top of that, he closed down his Broward office, so the number and address the employees had for Bova was no good.

"I was real surprised Bova went out like that," said the source.

-- Supporters of Florida Hometown Democracy's Amendment 4 will rally tomorrow in front of YOLO restaurant on Las Olas from to about 6:30 p.m. They'll be there to show their presence while the lobbyists, developers, and politicians hold a fundraiser inside to defeat the amendment. More later.

-- Stacy Ritter is celebrating her 50th birthday today. We wish the commissioner a happy one.

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