Rothstein the Movie?

-- The Broward County School Board, after squandering hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars on an unnecessary school construction frenzy that profited its favorite lobbyists and campaign consultants, is now broke. So it's going to squeeze more money from taxpayers, of course. 

-- While Broward's inspector general gets caught up in Tallahassee, Palm Beach County just chose its new IG/ethics czar: Sheryl Stecker, former inspector general for the Department of Children and Families. Already some are criticizing the hiring of the longtime bureaucrat at what has been a mismanaged and oft-corrupt state agency that wasn't cleaned up under Steckler's watch. Said one ethics commissioner of the appointment for the $125,000-a-year job: "I think the public's confidence is going to be damaged." 

-- Christian Right antigay activist George Rekers, a Baptist minister, is caught going on vacation with a male prostitute with a "smooth, sweet, tight ass" that he found on a site called My colleagues Brandon K. Thorp and Penn Bullock busted the story.

-- Republican political consultant and former Scott Rothstein associate Roger Stone is building a casting list for The Jewish Avenger, a film about Fort Lauderdale's favorite Ponzi schemer that will show "Rothstein dispensing cocaine to his investors while they are getting lap dances in the backroom of a prominent Fort Lauderdale strip club juxtaposed with scenes of Rothstein atoning for his sins in the Chabad Synagogue." Spoiler alert: The faux-film ends with Rothstein getting tracked down in witness protection by the Israeli Mob, which feeds his body to wild pigs. Yes, it's a joke, but you can see Stone's casting ideas after the jump. 

Scott Rothstein: "According to Hollywood sources, actor Ricky Gervais has preliminarily signed on for the role of Scott Rothstein after John Goodman was deemed too tall and Tom Sizemore's agent said he was interested but unavailable."

Kim Rothstein: "Courtney Love turned down the role so Sylvia Jefferies is expected to play Kim Rothstein."

Russ Adler: Andy Dick

Stuart Rosenfeldt: Mickey Rooney

Sheriff Al Lamberti: Jeffrey Tambor

Marc Nurik: Sacha Baron Cohen

Roger Stone: James Woods

Debra Villegas: Kirstie Alley

Tony Villegas: Kevin Spacey

David Boden: Joe Pesci

Steve Lippman: Richard Jenkins

Grant Smith: Beau Bridges

Ted Morse: Albert Finney

Patti Morse: Penny Marshall

Frankie DiGiovanni: Cheech Marin

Moe Sohail: Kal Penn

Bob Norman: "Rob Lowe may play New Times reporter Bob Norman, although there were conflicting reports that Lowe had turned the role down and discussions with Jude Law have begun."

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