Rothstein's Lieutenant Moved Out of BSO Central Command

Broward sheriff's Lt. Chief David Benjamin, who escorted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein to his jet when he fled last month to Morocco, has officially been removed from Sheriff Al Lamberti's inner circle.

The sheriff sent out an email late this afternoon announcing that he had appointed a new chief executive officer, Dep. Donald Pritchard, according to BSO sources. At the same time, Benjamin was transferred from that vaunted position -- where he served basically as Lamberti's right-hand man -- to youth services in countywide operations.

It's a steep drop for Benjamin, who was a key figure in Lamberti's campaign, working closely with Col. Thomas Wheeler in the race against Scott Israel. In addition to the revelation that Benjamin escorted his good friend Rothstein to his jet at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, we also know that Benjamin began a company, DWB Consulting, with the assistance of Rothstein's law firm in May. Rothstein also funded the company with $30,000, according to a source close to the situation.

Lamberti removed Benjamin from his leadership post over internal affairs two weeks ago, and the sheriff's Office is currently investigating his consulting business, which Benjamin reportedly opened without notifying the sheriff as required.

On top of that, there's evidence that Rothstein was trying to set up Benjamin for the feds after his return from Morocco. The call Rothstein made to Moe Sohail indicates that Benjamin is either a federal target or is cooperating with the investigation.

There's more. Cover-ups, threats, improper firings, all of it tied to Benjamin and other members of Lamberti's command staff. It's all coming. Soon.  

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