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Roy L. Boston: Dead and Abused Puppies in Belle Glade; Repeat Animal Abuser Charged

If the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has it right, Roy L. Boston is no friend to animals. Not only was the 44-year-old Belle Glades man rung up last year on animal cruelty charges but he's been at it again. Last week, law enforcement hit Boston with another round of violations. Unfortunately, this latest situation involved... yeah, we know; it's hard to say... a dead puppy.

According to the Examiner, Boston's last run-in with police over animal abuse happened in 2012. The charge was felony cruelty to animals, and as part of Boston's probation, he was prohibited from owning any animals.

Still, the Belle Glade resident allegedly asked a neighbor to look after his dog, China, following the ruling. Boston said he'd take care of the animal. But China eventually gave birth to six puppies, and the added responsibility, or just plain old inherent assholerly, got the best of Boston. He stopped coming by to care for the animals. The neighbor dialed up Animal Care and Control in January.

When law enforcement and animal control stopped by, they found a heartbreaker. The 1-year-old China was in a carrier, roped around the neck by a leash attached to a tree. The carrier was packed with urine and feces, not to mention six puppies. One of the puppies in the container was already dead from malnourishment, and the others were well on their way to a similar end -- skin and bones, dehydrated, and festered with bugs. The space was so cramped that the mother couldn't feed her babies.

Boston has been charged with felony cruelty to animals, as well as six charges of unlawful abandonment or confinement of animals. He's currently in custody for a probation violation, which means he's probably enjoying a lot more elbow room than he gave those dogs.

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