Rush Limbaugh Says Fiscal Cliff Is Obama's Plot to End the GOP

One of the wonderful things about Obama's winning reelection is watching the GOPers immerse themselves in doing what they do best: making loud noises and saying crazy shit that makes even certifiably crazy people say, "Whoa. Thassome crazy shit."

But amid the thicket of Benghazi ramblings and other frivolous stuff, there's Rush Limbaugh.

The blowfish has been on quite the roll lately, calling Chris Cristie a fat foot and accusing Obama of ruining the economy on purpose so he can give away free stuff, among other things.

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During his show yesterday, Rush turned his flapping angry jowls to the fiscal cliff, saying that the whole thing was Obama's master plot to finally, once and for all, wipe the GOP from existence. So he can presumably keep giving away free things and change the official language of the United States to Africa-speak.

Part of Obama's transformation of America is wiping out the Republican Party. And anyone who fails to understand that that is also part of Obama's agenda at this moment, anybody who fails to understand that is really not paying attention and is too caught up in traditional conventional wisdom about, "Well, it was just another election. Well, yes, Obama won. Yes, we marshaled our forces, but we need to stand for pro-growth policies and all that rotgut." Yes, we do. There's no way we're ever gonna be tied to pro-growth policies if our fingerprints are on this coming disaster.

So the fiscal cliff that the GOPers themselves created is Obama's plot to wipe out the GOPers. It's like a really shitty director's cut of Inception!

Rush also says the Republicans should just totally walk away from it all, just to see if Obama is willing to take the blame for the bad economy... or something....

[T]he way to handle that, the way to call his bluff on this, is to not negotiate with him and leave it up to him what happens. Very publicly walk away from the talks so that whatever happens vis-à-vis the cliff is perceived to happen -- well, the real point will be to flush Obama out, find out. I would suggest to people who really believe Obama is concerned about his second term and his legacy -- he doesn't want a recession -- the only way to flush that out is to come dangerously close to allowing it all to happen.

Great plan, guy.

Let's create the cliff! Then walk away!

Let's hold the entire nation hostage and threaten to drive off the cliff so the guy who handed our own fat pasty asses to us in November will do what we demand! Huzzahh!


Oh, that Rush. A brilliant tactician without peer!

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