Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Messed Up the Economy on Purpose, So He Could Play Santa Claus

Pill-poppin' conservative blowfish blowhard Rush Limbaugh remains butthurt about Obama winning the election.

However! Rush knows how and why the president was able to connive his way back into the White House.

It was because he purposely wrecked the economy so he could then play Santa Claus and give free shit to poor people. INGENIOUS!

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Limbaugh's comments, made yesterday on his radio show, echo Mitt Romney's own butthurtedness when he recently told his angry donors that he woulda made a terrific president had Obama not promised free stuff for everyone who voted for him.

Look at what's happened. You look back on it. It was on purpose. It's obvious. You know, playing Santa Claus doesn't sell when you have four percent unemployment. But when you have eight or nine percent unemployment, it does. So you wreck the economy, you jack up unemployment, you do it on purpose, and you hold out that government is the answer, the savior -- as the immediate savior. ... This country is not the same way it was. This is Obama's message: 'Let me handle it for ya! We'll extend your unemployment benefits.' I mean, go back and look at the number of times Obama uses the word 'benefits' in speeches that he makes all four years, and telling people how to get theirs!

Look back on it! Check the records! It's OBVIOUS! He said "benefits" a bunch of times! And now this country is not the same way it used to be! George W. Bush ruined Bill Clinton's surplus and put us in the biggest economic hole pretty much ever and Obama came in here and wrecked it! Wait! What! That doesn't make any sense! Whatever! Just go with it! Keep shouting crazy shit! Until it eventually sticks! Loud angry noises! Obama is the devil! Obama is Karl Marx! Obama is Santee Claus! Someone get me some OxyContin! ALIENS!

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