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Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Won Women Voters Because He Treats Them Like Vaginas

Pill-poppin' conservative blowfish blowhard Rush Limbaugh, like all the other GOPers in the past few days, is seriously butthurt over Barack Obama's resounding reelection this past Tuesday.

In rummaging through the Conservetard devastation handed to them (they couldn't win Ohio or Florida... nut-jab!), Rush basically came to the conclusion that when Obama sees a woman, he sees a vagina with feet, and therefore women were all like, That Barry's our guy!

Couldn't be that recent God Basically Fixes All the Rapes Tour the GOPers went on during the past few months. Couldn't be the Mittbot blowing a circuit when asked about the Lilly Ledbetter Act during a debate and all he could do was say he had women inside binders (thus creating a most excellent internet meme). Couldn't be other issues like, the economy actually getting better and unemployment actually on the decline and the Romney-Ryan ticket actually having no real plans.

It was because Obama's all "WOMENS = VAG"

From the pill popper's Thursday show:

"Women voted for Obama 55 percent to 43 percent... Massive gender gap. Unchanged from 2008. Unmarried women backed Obama 68 percent to 30 percent. They thought Romney would take away birth control pills. Obama treats them like vaginas, and they say, 'He's my man.' Go figure."

Right on, Rush! Allowing women the freedom to not only have a say in their own medical privacy as well as getting equal pay as their male counterparts is totally the president seeing them as walking vaginas with purses.

Because Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin, Richard "It's God's Will" Mourdock, and Mitt "I Would Support a Personhood Amendment" Romney don't see vaginas when they look at women. They see a Man-Seed Depository.

BIG DIFF, folks!

But, hey, Rush sees the world in 1930s cartoons, apparently, where women talk like Betty Boop and black people have giant lips and dance a jig for money. One might say these are the side effects of OxyContin abuse. But that would be an insult to drug abusers.

The reality is, it's just the side effects of a misogynist, racist asshole.

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