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Ryan Tannehill Announced As Week 1 Starter For Dolphins

Well, that didn't take long.

Joe Philbin just spoiled tomorrow's episode of Hard Knocks because earlier this afternoon, he announced that rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be the Dolphins Week 1 starter. 

Let's everybody go crazy with irrational expectations! FUCK YEA!

Taken with the eighth overall pick of the 2012 draft, Tannehill is the Fins' first first round QB drafted since The Right Arm of God in 1983.

The coaching staff going with Tannehill is really no surprise. The rookie has been impressive throughout camp and the preseason, and his competition was a guy with a busted knee and a bad back, a marionette puppet, and Pat Devlin. 

The Dolphins join the Colts, Redskins, and Browns with teams naming their rookie quarterbacks as starters. 
Is it the right call? 

In terms of talent and upside, yes. 

Matt Moore is a nice quarterback, but he's a career backup. Also, he blows ass. 

Tannehill, aside from being the most talented QB on the roster, was drafted as The Guy to lead the franchise out of the asshole dark abyss it's been mired in for the better part of a decade.

Tannehill represents hope for an embattled franchise.

Now if only the sack of raccoon shit known as the Dolphins offensive line doesn't get him mauled, then the season should be deemed a success.

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