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Ryan Tannehill Is Mixed Bag In Debut

Ryan Tannehill got his first NFL start on Friday, and things went exactly as you'd expect them to go when it's the Miami Dolphins: not great.

That's not to say Tannehill was a disaster. He was sharp, made nice throws, and showed a knack for the offense. It's just that the rest of the team is so shitty, it's hard to tell if Tannehill is The One, or if he's just merely a decent prospect.

The bigger problem is, with only four weeks remaining, the Dolphins QB situation remains up in the air.

The good news for Tannehill was he didn't turn the ball over. The bad news is -- as we feared -- his offensive line almost got him murdered, and his receivers play football like someone sprayed them in the eyes with cat piss.

Tannehill played the entire first half of the 23-17 loss to the Carolina Panthers. He played six possessions, with four ending in three-and-outs. He was sacked three times and had his passes batted down at the line of scrimmage three times.

Tannehill finished 11-for-23 for 100 yards passing.

The rookie looked his best during the Dolphins' third possession, when he completed three third-and-long passes to keep things rolling. Tannehill led the offense on a 15-play, 71-yard drive that ended with running back Daniel Thomas scoring a one-yard touchdown.

Still, aside from that one drive, the offense looked like a pile of moose shit. Particularly the offensive line, which the coaching staff is still experimenting with.

As for the QB situation, that's far from solved. Matt Moore looked exactly like a career back-up should look like, going 5-for-15 for 57 yards. He also looked like a marionette puppet.

"We're going to watch the tape," coach Joe Philbin said when asked about his quarterbacks. "We're going to take a good hard look, and see where we are."

He then probably added, "Gosh dern it!"

Typically, the third pre-season game is usually when we learn who the regular season starters will be. So far, with Garrard inflicted with a knee injury and Matt Moore inflicted with an on-going case of the Holy Shitburgers He Sucks, Tannehill looks like the guy that will be named Philbin's starting quarterback.

And that should fill him up with some confidence. All he'll need now is an offensive line that doesn't block like wet cardboard and some receivers who don't treat the football like it was dipped in AIDS

Miami will host the Atlanta Falcons this Friday at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is at 7:30.

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