Ryan Tannehill Serves His Critics a STFU Sandwich With a Chicago Bears Beatdown

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill stepped up against the Chicago Bears on Sunday and spoonfed everyone a giant heap of STFU with a brilliant 277-yard-passing, 48-yard-rushing, two-touchdown performance, leading Miami to a 27-14 victory.

Tannehill, who has had it rough as of late, dissected the Bears defense, completing 25 of 32 passes and using is legs to mash Chicago ass. Captain Toe-Thumbs hasn't been this sharp since week one against the Patriots, showing poise in the pocket and throwing accurate darts to his receivers.

Tannehill wasn't the only Dolphin denting ass and taking names.

Running back Lamar Miller rushed for 61 yards on 18 carries, while the defense created three turnovers.

Cameron Wake was all up in Bears quarterback Jay Cutler from the get-go, forcing a fumble, wreaking havoc for the Chicago offense all afternoon, and generally obliterating any and all Bears who dared get in his way.

It was a big win for the Dolphins, who are coming off a heartbreaking defeat over the Packers last Sunday. Things were looking bleak for Miami, with players openly questioning Joe Philbin's leadership and the season on the brink of being sucked into oblivion.

It was a fantastic outcome, to be sure. The Bears aren't an elite team by any stretch, but a win like this on the road is always a welcome thing, if not at least a little shocking.

Philbin was so shocked by the win, he didn't know what to do with his hands during the postgame victory speech.


Even Joe doesn't know what to do with his hands

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And while it's easy to dismiss the win, seeing how the Bears are pretty much as dysfunctional as the Dolphins, we're just going to savor this one for a while and let Dolphins fans' postwin reactions do all the talking:

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