Ryan Tannehill Was Near Perfect in His One Drive for the Dolphins

It was one drive. And it was preseason. But it was enough to show that Ryan Tannehill is on the upswing and poised to bust things up this season.

In his lone drive in the Dolphins' 27-10 preseason loss to the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, Miami's starting quarterback was almost perfect. Tannehill went 6-for-7 with 56 yards and a touchdown.

It was a 14-play, 85-yard opener that featured some miscues from the offensive line. But Tannehill was able to bail the offense out with his athleticism, scrambling for four yards to convert a first down and throwing the go-ahead TD to Jarvis Landry on a fourth and goal from the two.

While there were no deep passes attempted, Tannehill ran a sharp offense and continued to show that he is crazy accurate on short and, intermediate throws. Probably most important, his offensive line didn't let him get hit so hard and often that he threw up his spleen.

Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas — the two biggest question marks on the offensive line — did all they could to not let their quarterback be murdered. They were successful. Thomas and Turner held their own against a Bears rushing attack that has some talent. They were able to give Tannehill enough time to run the offense as efficiently as possible. There were still some moments of distress for young Ryan, but nothing he couldn't overcome.

Turner has been on the bubble, and rumors have persisted that free agent offensive lineman Evan Mathis has shown interest in joining the Dolphins. Turner was playing for his job, and it showed. 

Tannehill didn't die, and that's a good thing.

Although it's clear he's still a bit shell-shocked. On one play, the pocket collapsed on Tannehill, and instead of throwing it away or tucking the ball and running, Tannehill tried to force a side-arm pass in the melee. That was a poor choice, as the ball came within inches of being intercepted by Chicago defensive end Jared Allen. Still, a bullet was dodged, and Tannehill showed he's made strides in reading through his progressions and making the right, efficient pass. The payoff was the touchdown to Landry, which should be a connection Dolphins fans will get used to this season.

It was one impressive drive, and one in which Tannehill told the media the Fins had to "overcome some adversity."

But all in all, Tannehill continues to have himself a kick-ass preseason. 

Will it translate to the regular season?

The Dolphins' next preseason game will be on August 22, when they visit the Carolina Panthers.
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Chris Joseph
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