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Sack Satz, Says Exonerated Domain Entrepreneur
Danny Pryor
Let's say you really, really don't like somebody in a position of power. What do you do? Send letters? Pass on some dirt to New Times (yes, please)? Testify to the county commission? Deliver dog poo?

Well, if your specialty happens to be creating domain names and building hundreds of websites, just put up a political attack site. That's what Danny Pryor did. He has a beef with State Attorney Michael J. Satz, and it's personal. The result is (or, or An excerpt after the jump.

When Broward County has twice the conviction rate of its neighbors in the South Florida area, there are two questions to ask: Either you ask, "Does that mean other prosecutors are lax?" or you ask, "Does that mean Broward's prosecutor is a reclusive prosecutorial dictator?"

Guess which way Pryor is leaning.

What's the beef? "I was prosecuted [by Satz's office] for a crime that I not only did not commit but that did not happen," says Pryor.

According to Pryor, his former broadcasting company was involved in a legal scuffle with Jim Howard, owner of the aviation company Pompano Helicopters. Pryor says that he was a "whistleblower," revealing that Howard falsified documents to build a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Metro Networks. Soon after, BSO deputies showed up at Pryor's door and arrested him for grand theft, for stealing from Howard.

Pryor alludes to some previous shady dealings involving Howard ("There was a sick symbiosis between us," he says, "but I cleaned up and wanted out of all that crap.") The grand-theft charges were finally dropped in July of this year, two years after they were filed.

That's the backstory. Pryor also thinks Satz should go because he's served for too long: "He took office in 1976. I was in the second grade then. I don't know how he could possibly be in touch with what's going on today," says Pryor.

Pryor builds websites. Lots of them. He doesn't just buy domains and sell them off -- he actually keeps them and writes stuff on them. Given his expertise, "that was the first place to start for me" in attacking Satz, he says. He's a partner in an as-yet-unsuccessful venture,, which was intended as a clearinghouse for people to sell their choice domain names. Currently available are:

  • ($200)
  • ($570)
  • ($800)
  • ($1310)
  • ($10,000) 

"This is a political website," Pryor disclaims on Broward has some go-get-'em prosecutors, that's for sure -- but their own website could use a little updating.

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